5 Way Crossover ABB-5DXi

KES 7000

Pro Audio Bank Crossover Aab-5dxi

Product Information

What is an automotive sound crossover for?

Each speaker efficiently plays back a certain type of sound. Sub woofers reproduce bass, mid-woofers, bass mid-high and treble drivers, super high treble tweeters and so on. For them to perform fully, it is necessary to "reach" only the "part" of the sound that it can reproduce, such as reaching the sub woofers for the bass only.

The Automotive Sound Crossover serves to separate the types of sounds in tracks, directing them correctly to each type of speaker, so that the whole system has better quality and power, also reducing the risk of burning the speakers.


Key features


  • 18db Active Cross Over Network
  • Bass Level Wired Remote Control-5m
  • Independent Output Level Controls
  • Dual Input On/Off Switch
  • S/N  Ratio:110db
  • Channel Separation:85db
  • Sub woofer Low Pass;40hz-400hz Variable
  • Variable 0-18db Bass Boost  @40hz-400hz
  • 18db Subsonic Filter On/Off Switch
  • Phase Inversion0/180 Switch
  • Rear High/Band/Low Pass Mode Capability
  • Rear high Pass:65hz-4.5khz Variable
  • Rear Low Pass: 300hz-4.8khz Variable
  • Front High Pass:35hz-400hz Variable With Frequency Multiplier(*1,*20)
  • Silver Plated RCA And Power terminals

What’s in the box?



  • Cross Over
  • Wiring Cables
  • Screws



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